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Revit Structure Building Information Model (BIM)

The Revit Structure Building Information Model (BIM) consolidates a physical representation of the building completely joined with a definite representation. This general, computable building model is used for structural framework, drawing generation, and coordination and drives third-party structural examination applications. The application is best suitable for structural engineering firms, furnishing industry pertinent instruments for structural design and examination.

Advanced Revit Structure

Advanced Revit Structurecourse at IFT Institute is spread over tenure of 3 Months. The Advanced Revit Structure course at IFTis a complete course in itself and is best suitable for expert designers and specialists who need to enhance their skills & knowledge. Furthermore students will get trained on latest version of the software and will be given compelling reasonable training

Prerequisite to Join Revit Structure Course

  • Candidate should be (10+2) or equivalent thereto.
  • Candidate should be proficient in using AutoCAD software.
  • He or she should have prior experience of working on sites i.e. should have familiarity with foundation, concrete, cement, etc.

Learning Outcomes of Revit Structure Course

  • Introduction to Revit Structure
  • Workspace
  • Setting Up the Revit Project
    • Level Creation
    • Structure Views
    • View Template Ceation
  • Grids and Columns
    • Adding Grids
    • Adding Steel Columns
    • Column Offsets
    • Column Schedule Creation
  • Grids and Columns
    • Adding Foundation Walls
    • Wall Footings
    • Piers and Plasters
    • Isolated Footings
    • Shaft
    • Slabs
    • Tagging and Step Footings
    • Step Footing Family
  • Steel Framing
    • Perimeter Beams
    • Working with Beam Systems
    • Beam Elevations
    • Joist Systems
    • Tagging the Framings
    • Floors and Slabs
    • Creation of Slabs on Grade
    • Concrete Floors with Steel Decking
    • Slab Edges and Thanked Slabs
    • Working with Slabs Depressions
  • Reinforcing
    • Parallel to Face
    • Sketching Rebar
    • Area Reinforcing
    • View Settings
  • Steel Brace Frames
    • Brace Frame
    • Brace Frame Elevation
    • Brace Frame Gussets
    • Brace Frame Sheet Creation
  • Stairs, Ramps, and Slopes
    • Creating Stairs
    • Creating Ramps
    • Sloping Slabs
    • Sloping Framing
    • Pithing Floors to Structure
  • Detailing and Annotating
    • Sections and Callouts
    • Coping
    • Detail Components
    • Adding Text and Dimensions
  • Schedules and Tagging
    • Footing Schedules
    • Pier Schedules
    • Creation of Footing and Pier Tags
  • Trusses
    • Creation of Howe Trusses
    • Attaching Trusses to Roofs
    • Truss Materials
    • Detailing Trusses
  • Managing the Revit Project
  • Tests and Projects

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