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AutoCAD & Draftsman


Learning Objectives

  • Course Outline:
  • What is AutoCAD?,
  • Getting started with AutoCAD,
  • Drawing and editing commands,
  • Drawing precision in AutoCAD,
  • Making changes in drawing,
  • Drawing organization and information
  • Advanced object types,
  • Creating more complex objects,
  • Inserting blocks, Print Layout,
  • Hatching, Addition of Dimensions,
  • Drawing Setups and Utilities,
  • Annotation Styles,
  • 2Advanced Layouts and Printing,
  • DWF printing and Publishing,
  • Plotting your drawings,
  • Design calculation,
  • 3D Drawing and Modeling.
  • Course Option:
  • 3Ds Max, Revit (Architecture), Stadpro
  • Placement:
  • Placement Assistance with Live Projects.
  • Salient Features:
  • Learn from Qualified Engineers & Working Professionals,
  • Draftsmanship, basic, geometrical, figure
  • Unit and their commissions
  • Objects preparation, area, volume parameters
  • Axonometric view, projection
  • Understanding drawing parameter
  • Sheet, sheer size orientation and title block
  • Exploring the auto cad, auto cad
  • Its interface, creating your first drawing
  • Setting up and using auto cads drafting tools
  • Organizing objects with block and groups
  • Keeping track of layers, blocks and files
  • Mastering viewing tools, hatches, and externals references
  • Introducing printing, and layouts
  • Understanding plot, styles
  • Adding text to drawing
  • Using fields and tables
  • Using dimension
  • Mastering attributes
  • Copying pre-existing drawing into auto cad
  • Advanced editing and organizing
  • Laying out your printing output
  • Using dynamic blocks
  • Drawing curves and solid fills
  • Getting and exchanging data from drawing
  • 3dmodeling and imaging
  • Creating 3d drawing with surface
  • Using advanced 3d features
  • Rendering 3d drawing, mastering solids
  • Customization and integration
  • Using the express tools, customizing toolbar
  • Menus, line type, hatch patterns
  • Managing and sharing your drawing
  • Keeping a project organize with sheet sets
  • Installing and setting up auto cad
  • Hard and software tips
  • System and dimension variables
  • Project (live) site visit layout

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